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Just seen this on Netflix and on balance, I think I liked it.
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I was just reminded that I asked about some books on TV Tropes's Remember That Show... thing ages ago and didn't have much luck (although they did manage to identify one story I read as a kid as one of Joan Aitken's). As a result of which, they've started annoying me again, so I thought I'd see if they sounded familiar to anyone here.
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The four suggestions so far. Six numbers left, if anyone wants to suggest something.

3. Sam Vimes and Lady Sybil, repairing bicycle tires ([livejournal.com profile] vatine)
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4. Richard Jeperson and Barbara Corri, cooking a cake ([livejournal.com profile] john_amend_all)
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8. Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, unblocking the drain ([livejournal.com profile] john_amend_all)
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9. Emmett Brown and Clara Clayton, dusting ([livejournal.com profile] lost_spook)
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Not really memed from anyone this time; I was just bored and remembered its existence.

The rules are:

1: Pick five fandoms. List them in alphabetical order.

2: Visit this site to find your first RANDOM POEM OF POWER. Write down the 5th line (yes, even if it’s an E.E. Cummings poem and you wind up with an apostrophe). Repeat five times and - you guessed it - list ’em in alphabetical order! (No cheating, mind! This is a challenge and it’s always been about creativity.)

3: I think you can see where this is going. Write a very quick 50-word half-drabble for each fandom (try to do it all in one sitting - make your brain explode!), using the line from the poem as a prompt. You don’t have to include it in the half-drabble - it’s just inspiration.

[3.5: If you don't think this is enough to make your brain explode, follow [livejournal.com profile] john_amend_all's example and make the demidrabbles themselves poems. That ought to do it.]

4: Bravo! Have a cookie.

The fandoms were:

1. Blackadder
2. Diogenes Club
3. Discworld
4. Dragons: Riders of Berk
5. Murdoch Mysteries
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Benton Fraser (for [livejournal.com profile] rhiannon_s)
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Ford Prefect (for [livejournal.com profile] rhiannon_s)
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Some of you may be familiar with Sue Limb's Radio 4 comedies The Wordsmiths at Gorsemere and Gloomsbury, which are about oddly familiar groups of writers: The former features, as well as William and Dorothy Wordsmith, Percy Jelly, Lord Biro and Sir Walter Spott, while the latter stars Ginny Fox and Vera Sackcloth-Vest, as well as D.H. Lollipop, T.S. Jellytot, and so on. They're very funny, even if you only have a vague idea about the originals.

So, in the spirit of those I came up with:
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So I left that cliffhanger hanging for a while to see if it would attract interest. And it didn't.

Nevertheless, for the benefit of [livejournal.com profile] pedanther, if no-one else, League of Extraordinary Gentlebeasts is now completed and may be found, as another pseudo-Victorian adventure might put it, via this finely crafted link.
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In which we learn why these stalwarts have been assembled, your humble author desecrates another children's classic, and there's at least one entirely unnecessary cameo.

Oh and I don't want to say too much about the cliffhanger, but I'm quite pleased with the cliffhanger.

The story continues to be here. Final two chapters (and I've just realised I'm not sure why I'm releasing it in two-chapter chunks) coming soon.
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Okay, so after Discworld DC Heroes and Sherlock-ified All Consuming Fire, you might think "more ridiculous" is a tough bar to reach. But this is so ridiculous that even after I completed it, I stared at it for a while thinking "Do I actually dare publish this on a website where people can see it?"

Well, it turns out I do. Are you ready for The League of Extraordinary Gentlebeasts? Is anyone? Is being ready for it even theoretically possible?

2 chapters up, four to go. Possibly exactly as daft as you think, perhaps a bit dafter.
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Memed from [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook: Write a list of 12 characters from any fandom. Then answer the questions under the cut. (Don't look at the questions before you make your list!)

1. Captain Angua von Uberwald (Discworld)
2. Clara Oswald (Doctor Who)
3. Hank McCoy/Beast (X-Men)
4. Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who)
5. Solomon Cohen (Dodger)
6. Inspector Nightingale (Rivers of London)
7. Susan Sto Helit (Discworld)
8. Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stuart (Doctor Who: The New Adventures)
9. Father Jack Hackett (Father Ted)
10.Arnold J Rimmer (Red Dwarf)
11.Ted Kord/Blue Beetle (Justice League International)
12.Lu Tze (Discworld)

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My characters were:

1. Wally West/The Flash (DC Comics)
2. Sandy (Absolute Power)
3. The War Doctor (Doctor Who)
4. Dr Bunsen Honeydew (The Muppets)
5. Jack Dodger (Dodger)
6. Otto Octavius/The Superior Spider-Man (Marvel Comics)
7. Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock)
8. Eddie Watts (That Puppet Game Show)
9. PC Peter Grant (Rivers of London)
10.Gytha "Nanny" Ogg (Discworld)
11.Queenie (Blackadder II)
12.Arnold J Rimmer (Red Dwarf)
13.Lt Cmdr Montgomery Scott (Star Trek relaunch movies)
14.Lobsang (The Long Earth)
15.Fitz Kriener (Doctor Who EDAs)

results under the cut )
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Just reading this in Johnny Alucard and wondering: have some of the names been changed? Because they don't all match the listing in the Anno Dracula character guide. Specifically, there wasn't a "Rogers" or a "Maverick", although there was a character called Gardner who had the codename "America" (Grant Gardner was the Captain America in the 1944 serial) and a rookie codenamed "Banshee".

Anyone know what the deal is?
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Memed from [livejournal.com profile] capriuni.

It's International Book Week. The rules: Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence as your status. Don't mention the title. Copy the rules as part of your post.

"Mix the ingredients into a smooth paste using a blender - or use a potato masher or fork."

(I've mentioned the desktop's in the kitchen before...)

Book meme

Jan. 15th, 2012 03:39 pm
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Memed from [livejournal.com profile] rpdom and [livejournal.com profile] cat63

Bold if you've read, italicise ones you fully intend to read, underline if it's a book/series you've read part but not all of.
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The following appeared in this month's Ansible:

AS OTHERS SEE US. An unusual analysis of sf trends: 'One way you can
describe the collapse of the idea of the future is the collapse of
science fiction. Now it's either about technology that doesn't work or
about technology that's used in bad ways. The anthology of the top
twenty-five sci-fi stories in 1970 was, like, "Me and my friend the
robot went for a walk on the moon," and in 2008 it was, like, "The
galaxy is run by a fundamentalist Islamic confederacy and there are
people who are hunting planets and killing them for fun."' (PayPal
cofounder Peter Thiel, profiled in _The New Yorker_, 28 November 2011)

Naturally, because it's the sort of thing I do, it occured to me to look up the "anthology of the top
sci-fi stories in 1970", which I'm taking as being The World's Best Science Fiction: 1970, even though there are only thirteen stories in it. I'm not sure these stories entirely fit Thiel's paradigm...
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Well, damn.

I have no idea how old I was when I started reading Anne McCaffrey. At some point in my childhood, I went from reading my own books with dragons on the front to raiding Mum's shelves for books with dragons on the front. And I started on the original two Pern trilogies, with the Corgi covers that had those bizarre, multi-frilled dragons, utterly unsupported by the descriptions within the books. And from there I picked up her copies of To Ride Pegasus, The Ship Who Sang, Decision at Doona...

I have a memory of telling her I'd seen a McCaffrey novel in the shops that she didn't have, and therefore she should buy it. For herself, obviously. I think it was Pegasus In Flight. And then in my teens I started getting her McCaffrey novels for her birthday or Christmas, with the understanding that I'd read them second. (Fair enough; she gets me Discworld novels on the same basis.)

The book I best remember getting for her when I was a kid was A Diversity of Dragons. This is a gorgeous illustrated book which uses a fictional frame story to let McCaffrey give a bit of a lecture about dragons, from mythology, though Smaug, to The Dragon and the George by Gordon R. Dickson. But one of the dragons she particularly likes is Errol, the swamp dragon in Guards! Guards! It's worth remembering at this point that Discworld dragons were introduced in the third section of The Colour of Magic, which featured dragonriders with exclamation marks in their names ruled by a woman named Liessa Wyrmbidder.

And that's how I'll remember Anne McCaffrey. Someone who not only loved dragons, but had the sense of humour to celebrate dragons that had originally been created as a parody of her own. She'll be missed.
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While sorting through my junk the other day, I found a box containing two books, which is an enigma I'd completely forgotten about.

The books are WARHAMMER 40,000 books. They were sent to me by Games Workshop. That's not the odd part.

I did not order them, nor have I been charged for them. The accompanying order slip was blank. That was a bit odd.

There was no accompanying note saying something like "Dear Customer, To show how much we value you, here's a free gift!", as when the SF&F Book Club used to send me free books I didn't want, in the hope that this would inspire me to order stuff in self-defence. That increased the oddness quite a bit.

The really odd part is this: I'm not a customer. I don't read or play WARHAMMER -- Fantasy or 40K. I have never expressed any interest in doing so that I recall[1], and have never knowingly entered into any transaction with Games Workshop. I have no idea how they could have even got my address!

It's quite perplexing.

[1]I've not even read The Vampire Genevieve, despite being a fan of her alternate universe counterparts.
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I've not picked them up yet (my bank account is still recovering from the London trip), but last time I was in Waterstones, I glanced at the Torchwood novels set between CoE and MD. Which is a really awkward time to set Torchwood stories in.
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