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As all Discworld fans know[1], the new novel is out in November and involves steam trains being introduced to the Disc. And the reaction I've seen includes a lot of comments to the effect of "Discworld advances from medieval fantasy to the Victorian period" or even "Discworld goes steampunk!" And these comments annoy me, because they're wrong.
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I’ve noticed a trend recently for Flash puzzle-platformers in which jumping around and avoiding spikes and bottomless pits is a metaphor for Life Itself or something. Which is cool, but sometimes there are aspects of these games that annoy me a bit. So here’s my opinionated and inexpert view of what makes a good philosophy puzzle platformer.
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Okay. If there's one thing I think people reading this know, it's that I'm not one to criticise media too harshly, and certainly don't usually tear things apart. "Didn't quite work for me", "Wasn't too keen on that aspect of it, so I'll focus on what I did like", "Not sure I'm the target audoence", those are generally my harshest critiques. Occasionally I'll be so flabbergasted by a "bad" aspect of a work ("Borough of Staffordshire"?) that I'll focus on it, but I'll still add that I basically enjoyed it if I did, or - if I didn't - that I might have if I hadn't been so distracted by the problem. That's how I roll.

DC Comics Presents Challengers of the Unknown is a horrible, horrible comic. It is a godawful mess on multiple levels.
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How can I personalise the homepage?

You can't! Personalisation is for losers! The new homepage shows you what we think is important, not what you think is important. If you were used to the old homepage, where you could put Science & Nature front-and-centre and get rid of Sport entirely, and it would be like that when you came back, then tough.

Oh, all right, you can still set local weather, because our in-depth market research suggests that if we got rid of that, people would hunt us down and set fire to us. Maybe we'll even link it to local news, if you can find it.
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It's been a while since I had a good rant about the local area, and what the Council are doing to it.
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Shame. I enjoyed the book while I was reading it, but I hadn't even closed it when the Fridge Logic kicked in. (In fact, I started flicking back through the last couple of chapters, in case there was a huge wodge of explanations I missed somewhere. If there was, I missed it again.)
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Since I'm having a moan about stuff anyway...

As mentioned in my last rant about an irritating song, they play Radio 1 in the BHF storeroom, where I'm often spending my day cataloguing the electrics before they go to Pat Testing. And Radio 1 seems play a lot of rap[1].

I'm not keen on rap. Never have been. I grew up in the eighties thinking "Yes, okay, they can talk in rhythm and maybe that's a bit clever, but it's not music". But there are several rap songs amongst the twelve records that comprise Radio 1's playlist, all day every day, which do feature someone singing. In each of them, in between the talking-guy gibbering about his amazing gangsta lifestyle (another reason I don't like them; what I can make out of the lyrics suggests they're seriously self-obsessed), there's a chorus by a female singer. They aren't usually anything amazing, but hey, at least they know what a tune is.

And if they're very lucky, they might get credited as "Featuring..." No, she's the one who's actually singing. The only time it's reasonable to have the name of the person who isn't singing first is if it's a novelty single and they're a comedian or fictional character. Most of the time the singer doesn't get credited at all (see above under "seriously self-obsessed").

Maybe it wouldn't irritate me as much if I wasn't already irritated by the actual genre. But I am and it does.

[1]Rap, drivel by people I assume won Britain's Got The X-Factor and maybe one decent song a month. This month's is that Scouting for Girls one about people who've won Britain's Got The X-Factor.


Jun. 24th, 2010 06:44 pm
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Just spent a really frustrating hour trying to convince the new "improved" BBC Homepage that Inverness is actually part of the UK, and I'm rather more interested in Radio 4 and local weather than BBC Canada and English as a second language, before giving up in disgust.
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[livejournal.com profile] capriuni recently mentioned her hometown's logo, which reminded me that I keep meaning to do a mini-rant here about what's wrong with our one. Here it is:
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Apr. 18th, 2009 02:21 pm
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Are adverts getting stupider, or am I getting less tolerant of them? While watching Jonathan Creek last night I saw three in a row that deeply irritated me.

1. Volvic, the bottled water that gives you intense hydration because it's filtered through layers of volcanic rock. No, it hydrates you because it's water.

2. Cow & Gate toddler milk. Apparently toddlers need the equivilent of 20 litres of cow's milk every day. You have to wonder how the human race survived long enough for this to be invented, since every child until now must have been severely malnourished.

3. Sensodyne toothpaste has a revolutionary new formula, but were remarkably cagy about what it actually does that the old Sensodyne doesn't. But there were lots of scenes of men in white coats, so it must be very scientific.

I dunno, maybe I'm getting more irritated by this stuff since I started reading Bad Science. Now I don't see them has harmless nonsense, but as a symptom of the public misunderstanding of science that leads to the stuff Ben reports.
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Windows updates

Normally, Windows Vista will inform you there are updates that need installed and ask if you want to do anything about it. Periodically, however, just when you've forgotten about the last time Vista did this, it will install updates all on its own and then shut down and restart your computer. This is done as a friendly reminder that you use our software on our terms, not your own.

You will not be asked if you would like your computer to restart at a more convenient point. Doing so would give you a sense of control over your life, and this could lead to you plucking up the nerve to try a different OS. Trust Windows Vista. Windows Vista is your friend.

You will also not be given sufficient warning of the shutdown to mark the Usenet post you were halfway through as unread, or save your progress in the room-escape game you had nearly finished. Blabbering on afp and playing Flash games are a waste of time, and disrupting them is good for you. You'll thank us one day.

Once Windows Vista restarts, a pop up speech bubble will inform you that the updates have been installed. Another one will inform you that Windows Vista still has updates that need installing. This final touch was the winner of an informal competition in the Windows Vista team, to see how pissed off we could make our customers without actually driving them towards Mac.


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