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...what Lord Flashheart would have been like, had he appeared in Blackadder The Third?

So exactly the same as the other two, then.
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I was watching TV on January 2nd. And the Everest Windows man came on and announced that it was the Everest January Sale, half price on all conservatories, hurry while stocks last.

And I thought "You know what? I was expecting Everest to do that today."
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Today's Kevin & Kell parodies an Old Spice advert I hadn't previously seen.

Which led me to suddenly realise that [livejournal.com profile] silly_swordsman was playing off the same advert at "How To Buckle A Swash". At the time it made sense and was funny without this knowledge.

But I get it now.
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There's an advert for kids' shoes that shows six-storey high kids running around the landscape to the tune of "Birdhouse in Your Soul". I think it's great that an ad exec somewhere has reason to believe non-geeks will get the Stealth Pun.
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There was a bit on Have I Got News For You just now about Lily, a meerkat at an animal park in Melton Mowbury, whose owners are looking for a partner through "online meerkat dating sites". The phrase "online meerkat dating sites" was used several times.

But no mention of the world's number one site for anyone looking for a wide range of meerkats with whom they might have a relationship. Sheesh, it's no wonder they get so many people looking for car insurance...


Apr. 18th, 2009 02:21 pm
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Are adverts getting stupider, or am I getting less tolerant of them? While watching Jonathan Creek last night I saw three in a row that deeply irritated me.

1. Volvic, the bottled water that gives you intense hydration because it's filtered through layers of volcanic rock. No, it hydrates you because it's water.

2. Cow & Gate toddler milk. Apparently toddlers need the equivilent of 20 litres of cow's milk every day. You have to wonder how the human race survived long enough for this to be invented, since every child until now must have been severely malnourished.

3. Sensodyne toothpaste has a revolutionary new formula, but were remarkably cagy about what it actually does that the old Sensodyne doesn't. But there were lots of scenes of men in white coats, so it must be very scientific.

I dunno, maybe I'm getting more irritated by this stuff since I started reading Bad Science. Now I don't see them has harmless nonsense, but as a symptom of the public misunderstanding of science that leads to the stuff Ben reports.
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...that Public Information Films can't directly advertise websites? Not even Official Government Websites that are part of the same awareness campaign?

I've noticed two recently, one about health and one about road safety, that end with the suggestion you do a websearch on their slogans. Since the top result on both is the site they presumably want you to read (http://www.nhs.uk/Change4Life and http://talesoftheroad.direct.gov.uk), I can't understand why they don't just put the addy in the ad, unless there's a rule saying they can't. And even then, since their sites are the top result, and the Google Sponsored Link, doesn't it amount to the same thing?
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Halifax Howard and the new guy riding a black horse. Caption: "Woke up this morning in decline, The black horse saved us and now we're fine!"

Well, I found it funny...
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When I was young I was a Bank of Scotland Supersaver. The mascot for this children's account scheme was Super Squirrel, a cartoon red squirrel in a superhero outfit.

Recently, Abbey National have been advertising a Super Saver account. It's not a kids' account, but it does have a red squirrel in a cape in the adverts.

Since HalifaxBoS doesn't have a Supersaver scheme any more (the equivilent seems to be Expresscash, a debit card for 11-15 year olds which doesn't even come with a magazine) I don't suppose they care, but it catches me by surprise every time I see it.


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