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E-mail from the library that The Shepherd's Crown is in! I've read the first three chapters and it's excellent![1]

Phone call from the computer shop that our desktop's fixed![2] Mum will be collecting it later tonight!

We're getting a new cat! Not right away because the SSPCA can't release her yet, but soon! Mum and my neice have been to see her and she's lovely.

[1] But hard to read, especially that third chapter. Getting onto the fourth one is going to be difficult.

[2] It was freezing and hanging and restarting and stuff. Usually when this happens we take it to the computer place and they download our documents folder onto a CD and tell us to buy a new one. But this time it's fixed!

(Mum took it to the computer place last Friday, and I bought a new iPod - my last one was lost in Edinburgh - on Saturday. It occured to me afterwards that, since I only have one and a bit albums in the Cloud, it might have been better to do it the other way round...)
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As alluded to in my previous post, we have a kitten! We went to the SSPCA on Saturday, and were told we could pick him up on Sunday. We've (eventually) named him Magick, because he's black and he keeps disappearing.

This is him:
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I knew it. I knew an LJ would rapidly one of the many things I keep thinking "I should be doing that", but because there's so many of them, I never do any of them.

So, latest news. Sarah-Jane and Doctor Who on Children In Need were brilliant. I've got an actual job where they give me money (actually I've had that since May, I just forgot to mention it) but I've been off sick a lot due to clinical stress[1]. I'm on pills that seem to be helping, and almost immediately came down with flu...

The cat recently had an operation for... forgotten the name, the glands at the back of his neck. One of them was swollen, and needed removed. He's fine now.

And that would appear to be all I can think of to report since July.

[1]People ask me "What do you have to be stressed about?" and I say "Not much, that's what makes it a medical problem." Which I'm not sure is strictly accurate, but I'm quite pleased with as a snappy comeback.
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With all the discussion on the implications of converting a New Adventures novel into an episode of the new series, and what's going to be changed, and what's not going to be changed, and what it all means for continuity, no-one, as far as I'm aware, has asked the most important question:

Will Wolsey be in it, and will he become a companion?
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Well, I said I wasn't going to be updating regularly 8-)...

Mum's course has been cancelled, so she's coming back home on Sun. The house hasn't burnt down and I haven't starved to death, so that's something.

It's been over a week since Linda Smith, top comedienne and Radio Four News Quiz stalwart died, and I still haven't got used to the idea that she's not going to be on this evening.

Schroedy's been to the vet with a weird lump. He' fine, but the vet had to shave his back, so he's not happy.

That's my news for the month 8-).


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