May. 14th, 2017 01:01 pm
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Well, that was unexpected.

The set-up was good; the Doctor rambling about space and then talking through Nardole, who is clearly wondering what the point of him even being there is. And for what's basically an extension of "the oxygen masks on Ryanair flights probably have coin slots", the story worked very well.

The stuff with Bill's suit was nicely done; sometimes it's comedy malfunctioning, sometimes it's deadly serious, and it never feels jarring because it depends on the situation. And the Clippy-style voiceover was fun.

The Doctor's blindness was an interesting point, especially since I'd been muttering "respiratory bypass system" to myself for a while, forgetting the Doctor had just explained that wasn't the only problem.

So it's another story where the "monsters" are machines just following their instructions. Only this time, the twist is they aren't misunderstanding them. So the Doctor gets a big anti-capitalism speech, which is nice, although I can't decide if the "fight the Suits" pun is brilliant or terrible. Or both.

I didn't quite follow why there was a ship of replacements; surely they're going to need paid as well? Apart from that one line, the suggestion seemed to be that the company was just going to have the suits keeping things ticking over.

I knew Bill wasn't dead, obviously, but I was disappointed to learn the reason why didn't apply to anyone else. I suppose you can't have an Everybody Lives ending every time. (And once I thought about it, even if they had survived the initial electrocution, that wouldn't have helped once they were outside the ship with no helmets).

And then, we get the reveal that the Doctor's still blind. I'm waiting to see what they do with this, because it could go very wrong. And next week, not only Missy, but a familiar looking book. Who is in the Vault?
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