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Watching 2-week old Have I Got News For You, and learnt that some Fox News pundit is claiming The Muppets promotes communism. Because everyone knows that if there's one thing global megacorporation Disney hates, it's the capitalist system. Anyway, it occured to me to turn this into a fun game:

Those Communist Muppet Movies in Full

The Muppets Take Moscow
A Muppet Family International Workers' Day
Muppets From Specnaz
Fraggle Bloc
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Somehow, possibly connected to never reading the papers, I missed the "clone milk and beef" shock horror, despite the fact the farm in question is just down the road, until I heard The Now Show parodying the scare stories this evening.

But at one point, they played the Today programme's report, and I'm pretty sure[1] the newsreader said the clone-cows were "created with eggs from champion American cows and sperm from ordinary bulls".

Now, I realise that biology was my weakest subject when I took my National Certificate in Science, but surely if a cow is made with an egg from a mummy cow, and a sperm from a daddy cow, it's not a clone!

(Edit: After extensive further research [glancing at The Scotsman], it seems that the point is mummy cow was a clone. But the actual cow the milk came from still wasn't. It's not like mummy being a clone makes any difference[2] - which I suppose just highlights what a nonsense the scare stories were.)

[1]I'd check, but it's not on iPlayer yet, and I can't get the podcast to work.

[2]As far as I'm aware - I've not heard of any abnormalities in Dolly's lambs, anyway.
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There was a bit on Have I Got News For You just now about Lily, a meerkat at an animal park in Melton Mowbury, whose owners are looking for a partner through "online meerkat dating sites". The phrase "online meerkat dating sites" was used several times.

But no mention of the world's number one site for anyone looking for a wide range of meerkats with whom they might have a relationship. Sheesh, it's no wonder they get so many people looking for car insurance...
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So apparently Disneyland is twinned with ... Swindon.

HIGNFY and The Now Show both aimed their satirical barbs at the idea Swindon is an extremely dull place. But for those of us who know how far this is from the truth, this is even more bizarre.

Disney is a huge monolithic corporation. And we all know that all huge monolithic corporations are secretly the huge monolithic corporation. Clearly, this is the beginning of some evil scheme by Goliathâ„¢, the true ramifications of which can only be guessed at, but which are unlikely to be good news for a certain ex-SpecOps-27 officer.
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...is the fact Scottish football teams aren't allowed to play in the English leagues really headline news?

The Daily Record thinks so, since I noticed this front page story while I was buying stamps...

(On a sidenote, I'm amused that the Record's description on Google is "Read latest Scottish news, sport, UK and world news. Breaking news on Scottish football teams including Rangers, Celtic FC, Hibs FC and more", with the subsection "Football" coming before "News".)
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So here's the details on the Sunday Post thing.
click here for long rant )
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...is written by hysteria-mongers with little understanding of statistics.

I may come back and clarify this statement once I'm slightly less angry about it.
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The Scotsman did an article on Noel Sharkey, the Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Sheffield. The article was about his recent statements that the military have a rather cinematic view of AI, and don't realise their wardrones are just dumb machines, and that this could have dangerous consequences.

The headline was, of course, "Beware the rise of the deadly Terminators, warns top academic".
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(For some reason I feel like channeling Private Eye...)

In a shocking new development, the Grauniad claims to have evidence that the News of the World has not hacked into the phones of anyone involved with Doctor Who. According to the Graskeian's investigation, the mobiles of Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner and others remain untouched by Whos of the World journalists who have also, the White Guardian alleges, not bugged the room in Upper Boat where the Tone Meetings take place.

A spokesman for the Oods of the World said "This is a totally preposterous and potentially damaging claim. I mean, what do they think we do, make it all up?"
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Euro election results are through. Labour did worse than UKIP, which is just scary for all sorts of reasons.

Back home, confidence in Gordon is still circling the drain.

Swine flu is still on the rise.

And the front page headline in The Scotsman is the winner of The Apprentice...
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I'm not a huge fan of practical jokes, but I love spoof news stories. And man, it's been quiet this year. Where's the post on rec.arts.drwho.moderated, claiming that they found "Fury From The Deep" down the back of a sofa, and now the Christmas Special is going to be a Whole Episode Flashback to it[1]? Where's the ridiculous, but just about plausible story on the BBC News site? (I thought it might be the one about baby chicks doing arithmetic, but it appears to be genuine.)

On the upside, the latest comic book news is that Geoff Johns is following up 2005's Green Lantern: Rebirth and the upcoming Flash: Rebirth with Vibe: Rebirth. Now that was funny, especially the suggestion that Vibe, of all characters, has a rich backstory that no-one's used properly.

And I enjoyed the latest Shortpacked! in which, faced with a storyline that's falling to peices, David Willis decides to do a hard reboot and go back to ''Roomies''.[2]

[1]If I'd logged on before noon, of course, I'd have added it myself...

[2]Yes, I know that's not the permenant link, but this doesn't give you the full effect of the site's makeover.

EDIT: Checking my friends page, [livejournal.com profile] megamole's linked to this Guardian story, which may be the last one of more than 140 characters they ever print...
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So Scottish local councils have invested more than 45 million quid in Icelandic banks. And naturally, Alex the Salmon and his fishy friends are worried about this in fact, they want to know what Westminster are going to do about it.

Er, hang on. I could have sworn Scottish local government was Holyrood's responsiblity, and something Westminster was supposed to keep out of. Swinney says "This has got nothing to do with local authority funding – and everything to do with regulation of financial services", but I don't see how he can claim that; this is about ensuring local authorities don't lose their unwisely invested money.

So the first time there's a crisis involving the devolved powers, the ScotNats start expecting London to bail them out. That speaks volumes for how well they'd cope if they were actually a government...


Sep. 30th, 2008 12:27 pm
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On Friday, someone made a chemical attack on a mosque full of kids.

I'm too horrified by this to comment intelligently on it.

Paste the following in your LJ if you want to show support.

*<*div align="center"*>**<*a href="http://tinyurl.com/3gag6m"*>**<*img src="http://www.the-principle.net/images/freedom-of-religion.gif"*>**<*/a*>**<*/div*>*

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Halifax Howard and the new guy riding a black horse. Caption: "Woke up this morning in decline, The black horse saved us and now we're fine!"

Well, I found it funny...
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So Obama uses the phrase "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig" to criticise the Republicans' economic policy.

And McCain's people cry sexism and claim it's an attack on Scary Palin Woman.

And then it turns out McCain said "they put some lipstick on a pig" in reference to Hilary Clinton's health policy.

Raising the question: If Team McCain don't bother listening to the man, why should anyone else?


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