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1) New job! After far too much kerfuffle and confusion, I started as an Admin Apprentice at the DWP today. It was mostly getting the lay of the land today, but honestly, I'm happy to be having dinner at a normal time again.

Because I had to quit the cleaning job. I was considering that it might be just possible to do both, but everyone who I mentioned this plan to (Mum, my former Jobcentre advisor, both employers) told me I was mad. I was a bit anxious about this (I've never actually left a job for reasons other than my contract ending before), but they were cool. For my last day we had chocolate cake at break, and they gave me a card. So that was nice.

2. Request for fic advice. The Wikipedia entry on speaking tubes says "Voicepipes have no switching mechanism and so, to provide multiple destinations, separate voicepipes with dedicated transit pipes have to be provided between all pairs of desired endpoints." Okay, but is there any reason why not, or is it just that nobody ever did? I have an idea for a busy Discworld office building having a central "switchboard" where all the pipes come out, and an operator connects the pipelines together, but I've a nagging feeling that if that worked, someone would have done it.
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This was ages ago, haven't I written it up yet? Okay, here we go.

It was a good Fringe. I was only down for three days, but I saw The Reduced Shakespeare Company's Shakespeare's Long Lost First Play (abridged), Mort by the group who did Faust Eric last year, and stand-up by Mitch Benn, Robert Newman and Barry Cryer and Ronnie Golden. And they were all excellent.
Saturday: RSC and Mort )

Sunday: Mitch Benn and Robert Newman )

Monday: Barry Cryer and Ronnie Golden )
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I have an iPad. In order to reduce the amount of paper filling our house, I've started getting my magazines on the iPad Newsstand. Except it's acting up.

When I tap Doctor Who Magazine, the DWM logo appears for a moment (or longer than a moment), and then I bounce back to the Newsstand menu, The last time this happened, I fixed it by restarting the iPad. Tried that.

New Scientist and SFX both working fine, by the way. It's just DWM.

Any thoughts?
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It looks like, what with one thing or another, we definitely aren't going. To everyone who is, have a good one, and hope to see you in 2018.

Instead, I'll probably be making another trip to Edinburgh, so look for rambling Fringe reviews instead...
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1. Recieve e-mail with list of jobs from one of the jobsites you're registered with. Most of them are links to other jobsites. The same three jobs will appear multiple times because they're on different sites.
2. Click one of the jobs and realise it's a site you haven't seen before. Register with the site in order to complete the application,
3. Click the box saying that, now you're registered, you want to be sent details of similar work.
4. Recieve e-mail from the new site, suggesting you apply for the job you just applied for.
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Well, we got a new computer. And we've finally set it up. And I've run into a problem almost immediately.
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ETA: Never mind, clearing all cookies did the trick. Of course, by that point I was so far from thinking straight that I was immediately baffled as to why I wasn't still logged into LJ to add this...

ETA: Apparently this has made it into the LJ top 25 posts. I should give up on this fanfic and review lark, and just post technical problems that I then resolve before anyone has time to suggest anything.,..
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E-mail from the library that The Shepherd's Crown is in! I've read the first three chapters and it's excellent![1]

Phone call from the computer shop that our desktop's fixed![2] Mum will be collecting it later tonight!

We're getting a new cat! Not right away because the SSPCA can't release her yet, but soon! Mum and my neice have been to see her and she's lovely.

[1] But hard to read, especially that third chapter. Getting onto the fourth one is going to be difficult.

[2] It was freezing and hanging and restarting and stuff. Usually when this happens we take it to the computer place and they download our documents folder onto a CD and tell us to buy a new one. But this time it's fixed!

(Mum took it to the computer place last Friday, and I bought a new iPod - my last one was lost in Edinburgh - on Saturday. It occured to me afterwards that, since I only have one and a bit albums in the Cloud, it might have been better to do it the other way round...)
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So last December I had my usual Christmas job with the Royal Mail. Well, not quite my usual job. I was on the bay loading and unloading vans instead of inside sorting letters. Except I couldn't do that without boots, so while they tried to get me some I was assigned to sorting packages in the other sorting office. Except the hours that I was working there were different.

This is the point where I usually get confused and start turning up to the wrong place at the wrong time, unless I remember to put everything in my electronic organiser. Luckily, I now have a smartphone with a calendar function instead of my organiser, which was not only easier to use and showed me exactly what I was doing over the course of a week, it even gave me a map to other sorting office. (Which didn't stop me being lost, because the industrial area of Inverness is a maze of twisty little streets, all alike, but it certainly helped.)

The only downside to the smartphone, in fact, was using it as a phone. On several occasions I had to contact Mum (aka "my lift") when plans changed, and found that if I sent her a text and got a reply, the phone wouldn't make the alert sound. Or she'd tell me she tried to phone me, but it went straight to voicemail. And, I mean, my phone plays the McCoy theme as a ringtone, and TARDIS noises as a text alert. It's hard to miss.

So today, I was just entering my next Jobcentre appointment in the calendar, when I suddenly thought "What does 'Show me as busy during this event' actually mean?"

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Does anyone know of any online comic shops (preferably in the UK) that separate the comics by month? My local comic shop recently closed down after six months where Diamond couldn't be bothered to send them anything, and so I've been thinking about buying my comics online. But when I go to a site and "latest issues" means "the most recently published issue, even if it was cancelled over a year ago" and back issues are just long lists of titles and numbers (and synopses, but comic synopses range from "That could be any issue in the current story" to "That conveys no information whatsoever"), I get hopelessly confused as to what I got on my October trip to Plan 9 in Aberdeen, and what's actually a new - or at least recent - issue.

Is there a simpler way? Because regular trips to Aberdeen aren't ... well, they are an option, because I've done it before, but I'd prefer not to.
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A few days ago I thought "I'm sick of lugging my laptop around when I want to show photos to Gran, so she doesn't have to squint at the tiny screen on my camera. But I'd rather take pics with the camera than my phone. What I need is one of those SD-adapters, so I can load a micro-SD onto my camera, take pictures, then show the pictures to Gran on my phone." So I ordered a micro-SD card and an adapter.

The micro-SD arrived yesterday, and I experimented with it by plugging it into my phone. The adapter arrived today (actually, it turned out to be a pack of three adapters), and that's where the problem started.
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It's rather disorienting to be writing this in a hotel which is neither of the ones I was at during the Con (we're currently in York). But I didn't have time to do it before I left, and I'm going to lose track of things completely if I leave it until I get home.
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Okay, so I've got an 8-month-old iPod Nano. Yesterday, it was nearly out of charge, and I recklessly listened to Radio 4 until it shut itself down in protest. So I took it home and plugged it into the computer. I wasn't too worried when it didn't react to this, because hey, out of charge. I was a little concerned when the computer called it an "unknown device", but I reasoned that, if, it was out of charge, it couldn't communicate with the computer.

That was about 20 hours ago. The iPod does not appear to be charging. The Troubleshooting section of the online manual seems to be saying it should be charging, and beyond that, its advice is "the five Rs". I've done Retry and Restart, Reinstall doesn't appear to be relevant, and Reset and Restore rather depend on the iPod being charged.

Any advice?

I'm back!

May. 12th, 2013 02:29 pm
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Okay, if anyone's wondering where I've been for the past while, the cable for my BT HomeHub 2.0 snapped, and after an exciting couple of weeks of ordering replacements and being sent cables for a 3.0 because that's all they had, I now have a HomeHub 3.0.

Write up of "Nightmare in Silver" coming once I've watched it. Still undecided as to whether I'll go back and write up the episodes I missed (which I've just realised for some reason includes "Cold War", which was before that happened), but I enjoyed them.
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There's a spoof article in the Radio Times about selling off stuff they found in TV Centre, and one of the entries is:

This genuine Dalek head, which appeared in two episodes of Doctor Who (seasons 9 and 11) would be a valuable artifact today had it not been used as a writers' room ashtray for almost 20 years.

And I immediately think "Okay, so that would be, what, 'Day of..' and 'Death to..'? That's weird, I wonder what happened to it between 1974 and 1993-ish?"

(Answer: Nothing happened to it! Because it's a spoof article, probably by someone who didn't work out that season 11 was the seventies! Get a grip!)
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Memed from [livejournal.com profile] mrs_tribble:

How did you come to start your LJ?

Back in the day, one of my Usenet friends asked if I had a LiveJournal. I didn't, and told him I wasn't sure what I'd have to say if I did. (I was also perplexed by the idea that people not only tolerated my wittering, but were prepared to seek it out.) Eventually I decided to join LJ because it was where the Doctor Who Pro-Fun Hoedown was happening that year (rather than alt.doctorwho.creative, where it had been before). I was very surprised when I started actually posting journal entries.
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Memed from [livejournal.com profile] cat63:
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It's just occured to me that I went to this months ago, and never got round to saying how awesome it was. So, since I'm still two Merlins (soon to be three) behind, haven't watched Part 2 of the Smallville finale either, and in short, don't have much else to review, here's my review of how awesome The Doctor Who Eperience is.

It's very awesome. 8-)
Somewhat more detail below, including spoilers )
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Remember I said a while ago in this spot that I had recieved two free WARHAMMER 40K books, and I couldn't for the life of me work out why, or even how?

I just got an e-mail from SFX saying that they're printing my letter, and could I send them my postal address because the Black Library gives two free books to everyone in the letter column. I had a letter printed earlier this year, but I forgot about it.
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While sorting through my junk the other day, I found a box containing two books, which is an enigma I'd completely forgotten about.

The books are WARHAMMER 40,000 books. They were sent to me by Games Workshop. That's not the odd part.

I did not order them, nor have I been charged for them. The accompanying order slip was blank. That was a bit odd.

There was no accompanying note saying something like "Dear Customer, To show how much we value you, here's a free gift!", as when the SF&F Book Club used to send me free books I didn't want, in the hope that this would inspire me to order stuff in self-defence. That increased the oddness quite a bit.

The really odd part is this: I'm not a customer. I don't read or play WARHAMMER -- Fantasy or 40K. I have never expressed any interest in doing so that I recall[1], and have never knowingly entered into any transaction with Games Workshop. I have no idea how they could have even got my address!

It's quite perplexing.

[1]I've not even read The Vampire Genevieve, despite being a fan of her alternate universe counterparts.
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Ah, Scottish weather, eh?
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