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This was on Saturday, and was brilliant as ever.
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Does anyone know of any online comic shops (preferably in the UK) that separate the comics by month? My local comic shop recently closed down after six months where Diamond couldn't be bothered to send them anything, and so I've been thinking about buying my comics online. But when I go to a site and "latest issues" means "the most recently published issue, even if it was cancelled over a year ago" and back issues are just long lists of titles and numbers (and synopses, but comic synopses range from "That could be any issue in the current story" to "That conveys no information whatsoever"), I get hopelessly confused as to what I got on my October trip to Plan 9 in Aberdeen, and what's actually a new - or at least recent - issue.

Is there a simpler way? Because regular trips to Aberdeen aren't ... well, they are an option, because I've done it before, but I'd prefer not to.
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This was Saturday 22nd of June. I've left off writing this because I feel very self-conscious about it for reasons which will shortly become clear.
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Hi-Ex 2012

Apr. 3rd, 2012 01:45 pm
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I spent last weekend at the fourth Highland Comics Expo, which was reasonably brilliant.
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It's been a while since I had a good rant about the local area, and what the Council are doing to it.
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Saw this new stage show (soon to be touring Scotland) at Eden Court yesterday. And it wasn't quite "chust sublime", but it was pretty good.
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The Ranald and Iain Midsummer Gig yesterday.

They said in their annoucement that they'd be trying some new songs. Mum hoped they might be a bit more cheerful than their standards. This hope was dashed when Ranald announced that he was in competition with one of the audience members to find the world's most depressing song, and thought he'd achieved it. So "Sam Stone" was swapped out this year for "Jimmy Clay" -- same war but even sadder.

At the start of the second half Iain announced "If the songs so far have made you depressed, prepare to cut your throat. Knives will be provided by the hotel staff."

They said they were going to do a more cheery one next ... it turned out to be "Mr Bojangles". Yep, the song about Jerry Jeff Walker meeting a homeless man in the drunk tank, who's still in mourning for his dog. I suppose it's all relative.

The new songs meant they didn't do "And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda" this year, Eric Bogle instead being represented by "One Morning In Bar Harbor", his 9/11 song. See what I mean? Swap out a beautiful but tragic song for an equally beautiful and even more tragic one.

They ended, as ever, with the genuinely rousing "Going Home". So they can do "not depressing" if they want to...

(And as I think I've mentioned before, the nature of the songs gets counterbalanced by the banter. The audience consists almost entirely of former Inverness Folk Club members, and Ranald and Iain know them all personally, so the friendly digs fly back and forth. This is why Mum always insists we sit at the back...)
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This was the lecture I went to see on Sunday. It was the final event at the Inverness Monster Science Festival, which has been so well publicised that I only learned it existed on Friday.

I'd actually seen it before, but it was worth going again. It was a fascinating look at the psychology of luck, and what you can do to make yourself "luckier". It was also very funny; Dr Wiseman is a former stage magician, and peppered his explanation of how people's perception works with illustrative magic tricks. Here's one I didn't remember from last time:

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Hot news in today's Inverness Courier: the statue of Flora Macdonald outside Inverness Castle is to be replaced by a wind turbine, to power the Town House and Sheriff's Court. There's an "artist's impression" of what this will look like, and a quote from a genuine anti-windfarm councilor about how this is an outrage, before we get told that the whole thing is organised by Scandinavian company Olafpilor and the consultation proccess ends at noon today...
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...Or is a huge display stall in Inverness city centre exhorting passers-by to "Visit Scotland" missing a rather fundemental point?
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Just back from the Inverness Hogmanay Party. Blazing Fiddles and the Red Hot Chilli Pipers were brilliant as always, but we skipped the Peatbog Fairies to ring in the new year as it should be - at home, with Hogmanay Live on the telly and a glass of Irn Bru to toast the new year.

So happy Ne'Er's Day, we'll tak a cup o kindness, and lang may yer lum reek!
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My neice just met Karen Gillan's mum in Tesco!
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I'm disappointed with the LibDems for getting into bed with the Tories.

I'm really disappointed with my MP for accepting the Secretary of State for Scotland post.

Before the election, we were jokingly talking about moving to Ross-shire so we could vote for Charles Kennedy instead. Now, the mood is more that we're never going to vote LibDem under any circumstances ever again.

Hi-Ex 2010

Mar. 25th, 2010 07:13 pm
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The guest list of the Highland International Comics Expo (coming this weekend to a theatre near ... me) is always a combination of people I've heard of, and am very excited about being in a room with, and people I haven't heard of, but probably should have.

But it was still a bit of a disapointment to re-read the list and realise "Oh, it says Alex Moore..."
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Eric Bogle and John Munro are currently on their farewell tour of Britain. Last night they were at Eden Court, and Mum and I went to see them.
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You'd have thought a show called There Was A Soldier: The story of the Scottish soldier in song would give me an equally depressing earworm, but it practice the singers and musicians interweaved the stuff relevent to the theme with whatever they felt like singing, and so what I've now got running through my head is Adam McNaughton's hilarious "Cholesterol", to the tune of "Bless Them All", as performed by Brian Miller.

Next week, McNaughton himself is going to be there. And the week after Ranald and Ian. And then, Eric Bogle and Dougie Malcean will be at Eden Court (er, seperately). It's a good few weeks for folk 8-).
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[livejournal.com profile] capriuni recently mentioned her hometown's logo, which reminded me that I keep meaning to do a mini-rant here about what's wrong with our one. Here it is:
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For all I don't go out much, this is the second week in a row I've had an active Saturday (last week we went on an archeological walk round Inverness). This week I was at The Crossing, and the Ranald and Iain concert.
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There's an Invernesian companion.

An Invernesian companion.

After three Londoners, I really hope she keeps her accent.

"Ya travel through time in that? Aye, that'll be right!"


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