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The reason dreams can't usually be turned into stories is that dreams are under no compulsion to make sense, be funny, have logical puzzles or have Whoniverse references that work. It's much easier for your subconcious to tell you "This makes sense", "This is funny", "This is a very clever puzzle and the answer is 52" and "This is a bit like a character that you totally remember from Big Finish audios. IT'S AMBIGIOUS."

And so you wake up, think "Wow, I should write that down", and gradually realise it was a string of nonsensical events.
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One of the weird things about dreams is that you don't seem to be capable of questioning them, even when they provide you with scenarios that are patently ridiculous.

Last night I dreamt that I was watching Smallville, and I noticed for the first time that Clark's "red blue blur" outfit included a commercially-available Superman T-shirt, like the one I have.

And I thought "Well, that explains that..."
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Okay, I've been having weird dreams for a while now, but this one was a doozy.

It was moderately weird to start with: I was watching TV, or listening to the radio, or in the radio studio watching it being recorded and they were acting out some of it for no reason, and some BBC personalities I remember from my childhood[1] were doing - totally straight - some sort of Power Rangers rip-off where they had the powers of birds. It was Better Than It Sounds, honestly.

But what sent it over the edge was that, throughout the dream, I was thinking "Okay, they're a Five Man Band, and now they're fighting their Evil Counterparts (The Psycho Rangers) in an Alternate Universe. Does it count as a Mirror Universe if it's not actually them in the alternate versions of the Powered Armour? Either way, the alternate versions of the heroes are definitely Badass Normals. Wait, when the Hot Librarian took off her specs then, was that The Glasses Come Off or The Glasses Gotta Go? I need to get to a computer before I forget any of this..."

I was really disappointed when I woke up and realised I couldn't add it to the wiki because it didn't exist.

[1]No, I don't remember who they actually were, just that they were BBC personalities from my childhood. The Smart Guy may have been Dr Graeme Garden, but that's all I got.


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