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Well, we got a new computer. And we've finally set it up. And I've run into a problem almost immediately.
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ETA: Never mind, clearing all cookies did the trick. Of course, by that point I was so far from thinking straight that I was immediately baffled as to why I wasn't still logged into LJ to add this...

ETA: Apparently this has made it into the LJ top 25 posts. I should give up on this fanfic and review lark, and just post technical problems that I then resolve before anyone has time to suggest anything.,..
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E-mail from the library that The Shepherd's Crown is in! I've read the first three chapters and it's excellent![1]

Phone call from the computer shop that our desktop's fixed![2] Mum will be collecting it later tonight!

We're getting a new cat! Not right away because the SSPCA can't release her yet, but soon! Mum and my neice have been to see her and she's lovely.

[1] But hard to read, especially that third chapter. Getting onto the fourth one is going to be difficult.

[2] It was freezing and hanging and restarting and stuff. Usually when this happens we take it to the computer place and they download our documents folder onto a CD and tell us to buy a new one. But this time it's fixed!

(Mum took it to the computer place last Friday, and I bought a new iPod - my last one was lost in Edinburgh - on Saturday. It occured to me afterwards that, since I only have one and a bit albums in the Cloud, it might have been better to do it the other way round...)
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A few days ago I thought "I'm sick of lugging my laptop around when I want to show photos to Gran, so she doesn't have to squint at the tiny screen on my camera. But I'd rather take pics with the camera than my phone. What I need is one of those SD-adapters, so I can load a micro-SD onto my camera, take pictures, then show the pictures to Gran on my phone." So I ordered a micro-SD card and an adapter.

The micro-SD arrived yesterday, and I experimented with it by plugging it into my phone. The adapter arrived today (actually, it turned out to be a pack of three adapters), and that's where the problem started.
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Okay, so I've got an 8-month-old iPod Nano. Yesterday, it was nearly out of charge, and I recklessly listened to Radio 4 until it shut itself down in protest. So I took it home and plugged it into the computer. I wasn't too worried when it didn't react to this, because hey, out of charge. I was a little concerned when the computer called it an "unknown device", but I reasoned that, if, it was out of charge, it couldn't communicate with the computer.

That was about 20 hours ago. The iPod does not appear to be charging. The Troubleshooting section of the online manual seems to be saying it should be charging, and beyond that, its advice is "the five Rs". I've done Retry and Restart, Reinstall doesn't appear to be relevant, and Reset and Restore rather depend on the iPod being charged.

Any advice?
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Okay, I'm still working on this Media Player skin. I've done everything the How To said, and it's all working fine.

Now ... is there a way to get an animated gif to activate when I hit play and stop when I hit pause or stop?

(Also, I can make animated gifs now. Expect my userpics to get really annoying very soon...)
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If one has followed this "How To" exactly, including cut-and-pasting the code, up to "You should see your skin open up in windows media player", and instead media player opens when you click the .wms file but doesn't actually aknowledge your .bmp files exist, and runs whatever skin you selected most recently instead, what's gone wrong?

I'm back!

May. 12th, 2013 02:29 pm
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Okay, if anyone's wondering where I've been for the past while, the cable for my BT HomeHub 2.0 snapped, and after an exciting couple of weeks of ordering replacements and being sent cables for a 3.0 because that's all they had, I now have a HomeHub 3.0.

Write up of "Nightmare in Silver" coming once I've watched it. Still undecided as to whether I'll go back and write up the episodes I missed (which I've just realised for some reason includes "Cold War", which was before that happened), but I enjoyed them.
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...have spontaneously decided to become even harder to use.

Now it doesn't seem to link to a specific post any more. So if you search for posts containing, say, "Discworld" and "Doctor Who", you get the start of a huge thread and it's up to you to find the six posts within where the two terms appear in conjunction. They won't be highlighted, either.

I'm sure I used it yesterday and it wasn't doing this.
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Windows updates

Normally, Windows Vista will inform you there are updates that need installed and ask if you want to do anything about it. Periodically, however, just when you've forgotten about the last time Vista did this, it will install updates all on its own and then shut down and restart your computer. This is done as a friendly reminder that you use our software on our terms, not your own.

You will not be asked if you would like your computer to restart at a more convenient point. Doing so would give you a sense of control over your life, and this could lead to you plucking up the nerve to try a different OS. Trust Windows Vista. Windows Vista is your friend.

You will also not be given sufficient warning of the shutdown to mark the Usenet post you were halfway through as unread, or save your progress in the room-escape game you had nearly finished. Blabbering on afp and playing Flash games are a waste of time, and disrupting them is good for you. You'll thank us one day.

Once Windows Vista restarts, a pop up speech bubble will inform you that the updates have been installed. Another one will inform you that Windows Vista still has updates that need installing. This final touch was the winner of an informal competition in the Windows Vista team, to see how pissed off we could make our customers without actually driving them towards Mac.


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