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I've written a new story on Teaspoon. It's a bit over 300 words and it's called Completely Bricked.

So, um, yeah. It's possible I got a certain video game for my birthday.
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Yes, I’ve done some more. I was really struggling with Police/Firefighters for some reason, so this time I’ve gone for Mirror Universe instead.

Feel free to throw more characters at me.

Supergirl (TV)
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The Doctor and River Song
(I know, I initially specified Eleventh, but then I had the idea I had for Another Gender.)
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Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz
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A backroom of Stirling Town House, 17 August 1750

"Ye want me tae work for the Crown? Are ye daft, man?"
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Yeah, okay, so it's just all going in one big post. As ever, spoilers ahead. Lets do this.

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Hell Bent

Dec. 5th, 2015 09:30 pm
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Warning: This post may be even less coherent than normal due to SHEER AWESOMENESS!

Gallfrey! Rassilon! The Sisterhood! The barn! "Never cruel or cowardly"! Weeping Angels! The Matrix! Classic TARDIS interior! A dislike of pears! "Run, you clever boy"! Probably more stuff that I missed because I was geeking out about the last stuff!

Clara-in-the-diner kept me guessing: at first I thought she was another temporal dupilicate like Oswin and Victorian Clara, and then I thought she was mindwiped Clara once that became a possibility, and then I kind of decided that was a double-bluff and she was a temporal duplicate after all.

I loved the line about the Doctor - again - stealing a TARDIS and running away, and the slight nod to one of Susan's many Expanded Universe backstories with the line about the Lord President's daughter. And the General changing gender and skin tone when regenerating, just because. (And very nicely done, the reveal that the General was "usually" a Time Lady, and it was her male form that was the unusual one - a cool subversion of the Male is Default trope.)

The final reveal of the Hybrid was ... well, it worked, I guess, but I wasn't totally sold on it as a payoff, especially since it was really just another theory. Although speaking of theories, a nice non-commital nod to the half-human bit, Moffatt, you troll.

I was really unhappy about the idea of Clara being Donna'd; I thought the Doctor was about to learn - again - that you can't always save everyone, which would have been an improvement, but still a bit of a Doctor Who cliche. Instead he learns that sometimes you can save someone, at least for now, but it has to be on their terms, not yours. And it turns out that the net result of becoming more like the Doctor isn't that you die - I mean, you have to eventually, but don't we all? No, the result of being like the Doctor is that you and your companion get to run around in a TARDIS with a broken chameleon circuit having fun. Of course it is.

Three weeks to Christmas? Too long!
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That was definitely the most intense episode of Doctor Who I've seen for a while. And no characters except the Doctor, the entirely silent monster, and voice/back-of-head Clara.

We will start with the niggle; all the sand and the monster's viewpoint appearing on screens and it turns out this has nothing to do with the Sandmen from "Sleep No More"?

That aside (and the judgement from the internet at the time would suggest that very few people will be disappointed by a failure to link something to "Sleep No More") the whole visual of the revolving castle was nicely done. And the monster as the inevitability of death - I've complained a couple of times this season about monsters not fitting their conceptual role in the story, but this one nailed it.

I liked the Doctor going into his mental TARDIS to work things out - a bit of Sherlock creeping in, Moffatt? Except Sherlock wouldn't tolerate the idea of John hanging around his mind palace asking questions, whereas the Doctor needs someone to show off to. And it made for a good visual with unconsiousness/death being represented by the TARDIS powering down.

The explanation of what's actually been happening is clever. And not really timey-wimey, which surprised me. It also gets into all that philosophical stuff about is a copy the same as the original and so on which I studiously avoid on the Transhuman Space discussion boards, so I'll ignore it again here. (You do have to vaguely wonder about the first Doctor, who must have managed to work it out at least as far as using himself to power the teleporter without any clues. And the following ones probably wouldn't have had several of them.)

And the final reveal: the Doctor was inside the Confession Dial. I'm not entirely sure how much sense that makes; I thought the Confession Dial already contained his confession, that was the point of it. "A Time Lord's Confession Dial contains a castle that will force him to confess if he's teleported directly into it" doesn't really work for me. On the other hand, another great visual.

And the final final reveal, the Confession Dial was outside the Capitol! It's all going to kick off now...

No, wait, final, final, final reveal: the Doctor is the hybrid! Is half-human canon? And why was he freaking out everytime someone could concievably be described as a hybrid if he knew that all along?
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Very spooky.
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On balance, I rather enjoyed that.
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Finally seen this! Worth the wait.
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Hmm. Not sure that's going to be one of my favourite episodes.
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Since it doesn't look like anyone else is going to guess, here are the results:
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I've just had my first story published on A Teaspoon and an Open Mind! It's a Sherlock crossover called "The All-Consuming Fir", and it's based on exactly the ridiculous concept you might expect from that...
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Memed from [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook and [livejournal.com profile] john_amend_all:

Choose 5 OTP’s without looking at the questions behind the cut first, then tag friends to do the same.

I'm always useless at the shippy stuff, but here goes:

1. Moist von Lipwig/Miss Adora Belle Dearheart (Discworld)
2. Clara Oswald/Danny Pink (Doctor Who)
3. John Watson/Mary Morstan (Sherlock)
4. Floyd Pepper/Janice (Muppets)
5. Clark Kent/Lois Lane (DC Comics)
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