Thin Ice

May. 1st, 2017 11:41 am
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Well, that was brilliant.

Yes, it's the third one in a row where the monster isn't really a monster (and the second one in a row where this is despite the fact it's actually killing people, because that's not really its fault) but that's fine, and it has a gloriously evil humans-are-the-real-monsters villain. Also, it has the Frost Fair. If the production team had suddenly decided that now was the time to bring back the straight historical, I'd have been quite happy just watching the Doctor and Bill wandering round the Frost Fair, befriending orphans and stealing pies.

Is this the first time Nu Who has killed a kid? Honestly, when Spider disappeared through the ice, I automatically assumed we were heading for a "Beast Below" reveal, especially since the ice creature even looked a bit like the beast.

The apparently obligatory "The companion learns the Doctor can be Dark and Terrible" scene was actually quite well done. I liked the "no time for outrage" line, because I knew it was going to be belied within the next ten minutes.

Talking of things being belied within ten minutes, I don't usually like the Doctor getting violent, but the set-up to him punching Sutcliffe was perfect, and he definitely deserved it. And he probably also deserved a "hoist by his own petard" death-by-ice-creature.

The "Laters" scene was hilarious.

The obvious arc plot moment is the reveal that whatever's in the Vault is alive and wants out, but I notice we never learn who or what trapped the ice creature in the first place, and I'd be astonished if that didn't come up later. (I also wouldn't be surprised if Sutcliffe House made a reappearance, either in an "everyone comes together to help the Doctor scene" or the present day - maybe it's become an actual charity helping kids or homeless people).


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