Apr. 24th, 2017 07:27 pm
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The Doctor and Bill were great, the story could have been better, but I think I quite enjoyed it.

The emojibots were ridiculous, but the Doctor thinks so as well, so they get away with it.

Valencia City of Art and Science is gorgeous, and it's almost a shame there was a story happening at all, and we weren't just panning round it the whole episode. But we got a lot of panning round it, and it was gorgeous throughout.

The plot was a bit all over the place. I never quite bought the central concept of the robots killing because they don't understand sadness. And even if you do accept the whole "they see it as a plague" thing, why did they leave it long enough for Patient Zero - the person whose death triggered the whole thing - to be treated with due reverence? Also, these people's entire planet had died, a tiny fraction of the population had made it, and there was nothing that made them sad prior to this?

And the ending ... well, it was Margaret Slitheen only not sold as well, really. It just about works, but comes very close to not.

And then they're at the frost fair! Never mind Original Flavour Cybermen, it seems like we going full 1963 every-story-ends-with-a-cliffhanger-to-the-next.
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