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Apr. 17th, 2017 10:24 pm
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Woo! It's back! And it's about ... an hour, in fact.

The idea that the Doctor is randomly working as a lecturer at a university and has been doing so for decades is lovely. And Bill is fun; the Moff said something about her looking at things from a different angle, and the fact she takes four goes to figure the TARDIS out because she keeps coming up with explanations that actually make a lot more sense is a great example of this.

Bill's foster mum is interesting; the first time Moff's done a Jackie Tyler/Sylvia Noble character. Hopefully, like them, she'll be something more than "kind of distant and cutting Bill down" in later episodes. And the Doctor's Christmas present to Bill was sweet.

"Sweet" is a pretty good characterisation of the episode, actually with a "monster" that is operating through love rather than hate. And a fun chase through time and space, including an entirely gratuitous Dalek sequence because why not?

The pictures of River and Susan were also sweet.

I didn't spot this until someone pointed it out on Twitter, but Heather was the name of William Hartnell's wife. So Bill and Heather...

Nitpick: If the alien fluid can move anywhere in time and space with no obvious residue, why did the original ship it was part of leave scorch marks?

Arc plot: Well, Bill thinks it's the search for Heather, and doubtless that will be part of it, but presumably the big Missy-and-Daleks finale is going to involve whatever's in the vault.

One last thought ... the Doctor says it took "time" for him to decide to take Bill as a companion. How much time? I mean, he took the TARDIS to meet her. Will she return  to discover the Doctor who's a lecturer has no idea about this, and won't for months?

Date: 2017-04-18 08:17 pm (UTC)
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based on, um, impressions, it looked to me as if the initial special homework tutor thing went on for approximately "months".


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