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Here's a list of all my fanfic. I think.
Doctor Who

This Time Round:
  • Archived here.

    This Time Round related:
  • Captain Tancredi's Piano Part One, Part Two, Part Three, credits (Goon Show pastiche)

    Actual continuity stories (mostly drabbles and ficlets):

    Third Doctor:
  • Rocktor Who and the Silurians (Really Stretching UNIT Dating)
  • It Takes One... (crossover with Blackadder II)

    Fourth Doctor:
  • Playing Games
  • The Choice
  • Incompatible (Crossover with Red Dwarf)
  • Recurring Appearances
  • Than from a disappointing God
  • Conflict Sensor (Crossover with Lois and Clark and Arthur, King of Time and Space)

    Sixth Doctor:
  • Flash of Inspiration
  • Something Extra
  • Nothing At All To Be Done (Crossover with Cats)
  • Jings! (Crossover with I'm Sorry, I Haven't A Clue)

    Seventh Doctor:
  • Nor Any Drop...
  • Honour Sword (crossover with Star Trek)
  • Non-Central Console

    Eighth Doctor:
  • I've Got A Theory... (Crossover with Buffy)
  • Here They Come... (Crossover with The Monkees)
  • The Taste Test (Crossover with Legion of Super-Heroes)
  • Stocking Filler
  • The Challenge (the "Eighth as Charlie Brown" universe from the DWM multiple realities strip)
  • Beyond the Cafe of Reasonable Comfort

    Ninth Doctor:
  • No Parking (Crossover with Scotch and Wry)
  • Casualties of War (Crossover with Johnny and the Bomb)
  • Untitled demi-drabble
  • Life of Doctor (Crossover with Second Coming)
  • And as the Rose appears

    Tenth Doctor:
  • Sword in the Stone (Crossover with Discworld)
  • ...And What The Doctor Found There (Crossover with Star Trek)
  • The Wrongest Night
  • Why They Changed It I Can't Say
  • Ant and Doc
  • The Christmas That Never Happened
  • Untitled Tenth Doctor, Benny Summerfield and Tiffany Aching ficlet (Crossover with Discworld)
  • Untitled follow-up to ...And What The Doctor Found There (Crossover with Star Trek)

    Eleventh Doctor:
  • Leverage
  • Site: Unseen (Crossover with Discworld)

    Twelfth Doctor:
  • The All-Consuming Fir (Crossover with Sherlock)
  • Completely Bricked (Crossover with Lego Dimensions)
  • Kindred Spirits (Crossover with Discworld)

    Multiple Doctors:
  • Seven Siblings (1-7 Crossover with Sandman, sort of)
  • Happy Endings, Hasty Exits (First, Ninth, Seventh)
  • Happy Endings, Hasty Beam-Outs First, Ninth, Seventh. Crossover with Star Trek)
  • Ten Lords A-Leaping (First, Fifth, Sixth, Tenth, others in non-speaking parts)
  • Doctor and River AU ficlets (Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, includes crossover with Star Wars)

    Other Doctors:
  • Lazarus Unbound (David Warner Doctor)
  • Soundalike (Richard E. Grant Doctor)
  • Half Human (Pete's World Doctor)
  • Sufficiantly Advanced (Merlin-Doctor. Crossover with Merlin)
  • Parallels. (Pete's World Doctor)

    Other Whoniverse:
  • Sibling Rivalry (Maxil)
  • Also Known As... (The Master)
  • The Colour... (random Sontaran, Professor X scriptwriter)
  • Call Waiting (Rose and Jackie)
  • Time Agents (Rose and Captain Jack. Crossover with Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • Ministerial Interest (Minister of Chance. Crossover with Jonathan Creek)
  • Vampire Thread (Nurse Crane)
  • Werewolves of Stockbridge (Max Edison)
  • A Little Bit Crazy (Harry Saxon)
  • Time Agents (Captains Jack and John. Same gag as the previous fic of the same name, because I forgot I'd already written it.)
  • Battle of the Daleks (Bret Vyon and Marc Cory. Crossover with Battle of the Planets)
  • Legacy (Rassilon, post "End of Time".)
  • You Shall Not Pass (RPF, Five(ish) Doctors/Adventure in Space and Time/The TV Terrors crossover)

  • Sword in the Stone (Crossover with Doctor Who)
  • Quest Object (Crossover with Dungeons & Dragons)
  • Untitled Tenth Doctor, Benny Summerfield and Tiffany Aching ficlet (Crossover with Doctor Who)
  • Discworld's Finest (Disc version of DC Comics)
  • Quest Object Remix (Crossover with Dungeons & Dragons)
  • Publishingers for Them, I doubt he'd make
  • Eight Maids A-Milking
  • Four Colly Birds
  • Critical Vengeance
  • Agnes Nitt AU ficlets (includes crossover with Rivers of London)
  • Rincewind AU ficlets (includes crossover with Star Trek)
  • The position of the early Christian Omnian Church
  • Kindred Spirits (Crossover with Doctor Who)
  • Tyred Out
  • The Fish Without the Sea

    DC Comics
  • An expert. He would set the wing (Demon Knights)
  • Five Gold Rings (Legion of Super-Heroes)
  • Two Turtle Doves (Hawk & Dove)
  • Supergirl AU ficlets (Supergirl TV series, includes crossovers with Saturn's Children and Girl Genius)
  • The Council of Bats (DCU, Earth-3)
  • Crisis on Earth-C-Minus and Earth-C-Plus-Plus! (Justa Lotta Animals)
  • Plumbing the Depths (Arrow TV series)
  • and the woman died and the child grew up and (Legends of Tomorrow TV series)

  • Assignment X (Coupling/Press Gang crossover, of sorts)
  • Fenced In (The Tale of Westala and Villtin)
  • Reflections of the Future (Star Trek)
  • Untitled Arthur, King of Time And Space ficlet
  • Thine eyes that taught the dumb on high to sing (The Muppets)
  • You tell me you did not intrude (Red Dwarf)
  • Beyond 1602 (Marvel 1602 universe)
  • Time's Fun... (The Muppets)
  • Deep Cleaning (Merlin)
  • Twelve Drummers Drumming (The Muppet Show)
  • Eleven Pipers Piping (You'll Have Had Your Tea: The Doings of Hamish and Dougal)
  • Nine Ladies Dancing (Merlin)
  • Seven Swans A-Swimming (Bleak Expectations)Six Geese A-Laying (Sherlock)
  • Three French Hens (Dodger)
  • A Partridge In A Pear Tree (Blackadder's Christmas Carol)
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlebeasts (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, sort of/multiple animal-fantasy crossover)
  • Defining Features (Grimm)
  • Black Widow AU ficlets (Marvel Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  • Captain America and Rey AU ficlets (Marvel Cinematic Universe/Star Wars)
  • Kermit and Piggy AU ficlets (The Muppets, includes crossovers with Toonpunk 2020½ and Bucky O'Hare)
  • Del Trotter AU ficlets (Only Fools and Horses)
  • Benton Fraser AU ficlets (Due South, includes crossovers with Star Wars and Murdoch Mysteries)
  • Ford Prefect AU ficlets (Hitchhiker's, includes crossover with the Culture novels)
  • Fitz and Simmons AU ficlets (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., includes crossover with Star Trek)
  • The Coming of ... The Squadrupeds Supreme (Marvel Tails)
  • Baldrick AU ficlets (Blackadder, includes crossover with The Thin Blue Line)
  • (S)he drank the wine in bed and (Blackadder)
  • So let us gather - every Day (Diogenes Club)
  • whom could I talk to? (Dragons: Riders of Berk)
  • Yet more to me than balances in banks (Murdoch Mysteries)
  • Hell's Kitchen Nightmares (Diogenes Club)
  • Swept Back (Back to the Future)
  • Pigs in Space: Generations (The Muppet Show/Muppets Tonight)
  • and certainly unworthy words to hear (John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme)
  • Loving offenders, thus I will excuse ye (Zootropolisopia)
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